The Role of Urban Agriculture on Livelihood in Bariadi Township Simuyu Region Tanzania

  • M.S. Bushesha Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences The Open University of Tanzania
Keywords: Urban agriculture, households income, horticulture, livestock keeping, Simiyu.


This paper examined the role of urban agriculture as a livelihood option in Bariadi township of Simiyu region in Tanzania. The paper addresses four specific objectives one being identification of types of agricultural produce produced in the township, two, identification of markets for such agricultural produce and three, examination of the role of urban agriculture on livelihood in the township; and four, identification of challenges facing urban agriculture in the township. The study is descriptive in nature. Data was collected using questionnaire administration, in-depth interview with key informants and non-participant observation techniques. Numerical data were analyzed using simple descriptive statistics. Qualitative data on the other hand was analyzed thematically. Findings show that horticultural produces are more produced in the township followed by produces from livestock keeping. Local buyers from within the township as well as buyers from neighboring regions make markets for the produce. Urban agriculture contributes up to 25% of households' income in the township. The major challenges facing urban agriculture in the township include poor market for the produce, water shortage, land shortage, seeds unavailability, lack of capital, unavailability of inputs, crude working tools, lack of government support, lack of water pumping machines, lack of man power, poor storage facilities and lack of agriculture extension services. The study concludes that urban agriculture plays a significant role in income generation in the study area. The paper recommends that the government should support urban agriculture through improving markets and provision of agricultural extension services. The study further recommends proper land use plans in small but growing towns in the country to accommodate urban agriculture. 

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eISSN: 0856-6739