Skills among Teachers in Selected Public Secondary School Teachers in Zaria Metropolis, Kaduna State, Nigeria

  • A Mohammed
  • UA Adam
  • UA Adam
Keywords: ICT, Skills, Teachers, Schools, Secondary, Facilities, Kaduna.


The study examined the availability of ICT facilities and skills of secondary school teachers in Zaria Metropolis in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Two objectives were developed to guide the study. Five schools were surveyed. Two separate questionnaires was developed, one for ICT facilities and are administered to head of ICTs in each of the selected schools and all are retrieved successfully, the second questionnaire was administered to 100 teachers in the 5 selected schools, 97 questionnaires were successfully retrieved and analysed, using descriptive analysis, percentages and frequency count. The results indicated that there is relative increase in the availability of ICT facilities in public schools, but still inadequate compared to the population of students and teachers; there is also low level of ICT skills among the teachers; and there is very little effort made by relevant agencies in enhancing the skills of teachers in ICT. Based on the findings it is recommended among others that Government, NGO and other relevant bodies should make provision of adequate ICT facilities in secondary schools; teachers at secondary school levels should be trained by relevant authorities on the use of ICT facilities; government should revisit the curriculum at secondary schools level to incorporate the use of ICT.

Key Words: ICT, Skills, Teachers, Schools, Secondary, Facilities, Kaduna.


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