Application of Open Source Software (OSS) in library operations: Basic considerations for adoption in F. C. E. Kano library

  • Sani Musa
  • Nura Muhammad Lawan
  • Ado Muhammad Abdullahi
Keywords: Open, Access, Resources, Software, library, CDS/ISIS, KOHA, Greenstone and NewGenlib.


The paper discussed the features, strength and weaknesses of CDS/ ISIS, KOHA, Greenstone and NewGenlib as the four types of OSS which were considered among the best that can handle content and bibliographic data management and are commonly applied in Nigeria especially among institutions of higher learning. The paper identified that Information managers are faced with a lot of challenges  principally among which may be their ability to acquire and effectively organize  variety of information resources that are generated every day. It pointed out that the idea of Open Access Resources (OAR); Open Access Software (OAS) has become an issue which offers solutions to much of these challenges by providing   opportunities to access information resources and library management software free of charge. The feature of OAR was also identified. Features of OSS were highlighted to include; rights to use without discrimination, full rights to create derived works and no traps. The strength of OSS as highlighted by the paper includes; ability to tailor and fit local needs, no restriction on use and low cost. Weaknesses of OSS were addressed in the paper to include, unanticipated efforts, lack of coordination, inadequate technical support and so on.. It was noted by the paper that KOHA is the most widely applied in College Libraries, however, considering the features of NewGenlib, a comparative analysis was made between the two and NewGenlib software was finally recommend for adoption in the College library because it can perform the function of CDS/ISIS, KOHA and Greenstone or even better.

Key words: Open, Access, Resources, Software, library, CDS/ISIS, KOHA, Greenstone and NewGenlib.


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eISSN: 1597-4316