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The role of digitization on data protection and recovery in libraries: an international perspective

Maria Ngozi Nwaohiri


This study investigated the role of digitization on data protection and recovery in different types of libraries at a global level. The survey research design was adopted to elicit data for this research work. Four different types of libraries were purposively chosen from thirteen countries and questionnaire was designed as instrument for data collection. Data were analyzed using tables, charts and percentages. The findings of the study revealed that the level of awareness of data loss by library professionals was low as 65% have not experienced and were yet to know about data loss. Man made and natural disasters lead to loss of information resources and digital data which digitization, backup and cloud storage of digital information resources and data curbs. The findings further revealed that a greater percentage of the respondents do not perceive the role digitization play in data protection and recovery. This study recommends that: library professionals should be sensitized that loss of information resources and digital data due to disasters is something that happens to any library without warning; that keep safe a copy to handle disaster/damage is best taken care of by digitization, that libraries should store their electronic information resources in the cloud and carry out backup measures frequently.

Keywords: Digitization, Data, Protection, Recovery, Library

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