Improving users loyalty in the digital age in some libraries in Ondo state, Nigeria

  • Felix A. Adewusi
Keywords: Users, Loyalty, Digital, Satisfaction, Libraries


Library users in this digital age are much more conscious and aware of their needs and wants, making them a difficult lot to please. The inability of most libraries in Nigeria to please users leads to loss of loyalty. This study is intended to examine the reasons behind loss of users‘ loyalty in libraries with a view to recommending some ways of improving their loyalty. The idea is not at attracting the users only, but it is at retaining the users and creating long term relation with them. If libraries want to have a successful service, there is need to create users‘ loyalty by providing great users‘ service. The use of data is crucial to engendering loyalty and improving on the users‘ experience. A survey design method was used for the purpose of this study. The data used was sourced mainly from questionnaire. A five-point Likert scale, ranging from ―1 = strongly agree‖ to ―5 = strongly disagree‖ was used to elicit response from the respondents. A total of 1000 questionnaire were randomly distributed to respondents in some selected libraries in Ondo State, Nigeria. However, 760 representing 76% treated questionnaire were painstakingly retrieved from respondents. Simple percentage score statistics was used to analyze the data collected. It was discovered that the level of users‘ loyalty to the libraries was very low hence some recommendations were made to improve users‘ loyalty to libraries in Ondo State of Nigeria.

Keywords: Users, Loyalty, Digital, Satisfaction, Libraries


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eISSN: 1597-4316