Resource sharing among academic library in Nigeria: the necessity

  • Elijah Aruabuike Onuoha
Keywords: Academic, Libraries, resource sharing, information, access, utilization


The paper examined the need for resource sharing among academic libraries in Nigeria. Most academic libraries are being required to operate more efficiently. Due to increasing amount of knowledge and greater diversity in demands; static or decreasing library budget in terms of real worth, increasing cost of processing documents and their information contents, explosion in published output, increasing bibliographic access of literature through internet and off- line database on CDs. It is becoming increasingly difficult for any academic library in Nigeria to meet the demands of its own users. There is need to motivate librarians for resource sharing to ensure maximum utilization of available financial, manpower, documents, equipment, accommodation, electronically, other library facilities and services. The resource sharing in libraries is a powerful tool for both increasing productivity and enhancing services to meet the changing needs of library users. Barriers associated with resource sharing and ways of dealing with them were identified. The benefits of resource sharing for effective access and utilization of information resources and services were highlighted. The paper concludes that since resource sharing in academic libraries is a boost to both library resources and services, academic libraries in Nigeria should co-ordinate their efforts and plan for the development of sustainable resource sharing so that maximum use can be made of limited resources.

Keywords: Academic, Libraries, resource sharing, information, access, utilization


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eISSN: 1597-4316