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A Yii-powered waste management web application using datasets from an observatory

Percy Okae, Amos David


Decision Support Systems (DSSs) have been developed and used over the years to offer support to top level management when it comes to decision-making. They are therefore designed for specific problems. This study is about the design, development and implementation of a DSS to help in the effective management of municipal solid waste (MSW) by designing, developing and implementing a data warehouse (DWH) of customer statistics as a Web application and using the graphics obtained to aid in management decision-making. In this work, the database design technology adopted was the entity relationship diagram (ERD) approach and the system implementation was done using Apache and Maria DB. The implementation of the developed system as a Web application was done using the Yii PHP component framework. However, the concept adopted in the acquisition of data leading to the design of the database for this study was the concept of observatory. Under this concept, data for the study was obtained using principally on-field observation with the customer as the central focus.

Keywords: municipal, solid, waste, Yii, decision, support, system, data, warehouse, observatory

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