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The role of school libraries in the achievement of sustainable development in Nigeria

Caroline Amara Okoro


The role of school library in the achievement of sustainable development in Nigeria should be given adequate attention. School library is an organized collection of print and non-print materials carefully selected, described and systematically arranged in a school for use of teachers, pupils and students to aid the attainment of educational goals. School libraries are different from other libraries as they are integral part of primary and secondary schools with the sole aim of providing instructional materials to enrich the curriculum to supplement classroom instructions and to create awareness in children on wide range of knowledge, be it social, economic or environmental. Availability of such knowledge in various school library resources plays a vital role in stimulating children's interest in the process of sharing a nations values and meaning. It then becomes necessary that school libraries in Nigeria be given adequate attention as it stands as a veritable means of relaying sustainable development information to children from generation to generation.

Keywords: sustainable, development, school libraries, Nigeria

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