Nigeria Freedom of Information Act: an investigation of its level of acceptance (a case study of Ilorin Metropolis) Nigeria

  • Oluwadamilola Aminat Lawal
  • Adeyinka Adedoyin
  • Rafiat Ajibade Oyekunle
Keywords: Freedom of Information, Act, CLO, Implementation, Level of knowledge Awareness, Usage


Freedom of information Act is a vital tool that can enhance the economic and social transformation of Nigeria society. There are existing legal and social problems that have continued to restrain the public from adequate access to information needed. This study therefore is to examine the level of acceptance of the freedom of information Act among the public within Ilorin Metropolis. In carrying out the study, a survey method was used. The survey was conducted with 250 respondents using questionnaire to acquire information from the public. The result shows that the cardinal challenge is the slow implementation process of the (FOI) Act at the state directorate. Although, it was ascertain that majority of the respondents are aware of the Act but they have little or no idea of what constitute the Act. In conclusion the study observed that little or low level of awareness campaigns and programs are the major challenge facing the acceptance and execution (usage) of the freedom of information Act (FOIA) in Nigeria. Recommendations were made to help in enhancing the knowledge of people about the provisions of the Act.

Keywords: Freedom of Information; Act, CLO, Implementation, Level of knowledge Awareness, Usage


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eISSN: 1597-4316