The impacts of library in the promotion of information literacy among academic staff of Yaba College of Technology- Lagos

  • Rafiat Olasumbo Onyeka
  • Benedette O. Testimoney Uzoma
  • Andrew Olukunmi Igbinlola
  • Muftau A. Diyaolu
Keywords: Library, Information Literacy and Academic staff


This paper focuses on the impacts of academic library in information literacy among staff in tertiary institutions. Academic Staff can be referred to as the Teaching Staff who teach and impact knowledge in to students of their various institutions. So based on the Mission and Vision statement of Yaba College of Technology, the academic Staff in the College make use of the library to enhance Information literacy skills among themselves and the students in the college to facilitate the effective delivery of knowledge to promote, develop Vocational and Technical Education in the College and society at large, Introducing modernized Teaching and Learning process. Information literacy most times goes hand in hand with Information Communicating Technology (ICT), ICT can be described as the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing and communication. According to Agbonlahor (2008), he posited that for developing Countries, Technologies (IT) affects university Academics and Researchers a unique opportunity to bridge the knowledge gap between them and their counter parts in developed Nations. Information Communication Technology (ICT) hasreally promoted the Information Literacy among the  Academic Staff in the college in various ways especially: A. through the availability of 24 hours regular Internet services. B. through the availability of a well stocked and regularly updated Library which has both up-to-date electronic and physical copies of information materials for both Staff and Students. C. through the promotion of Conducive Working Environment for It’s Academic Staff. D. Through the promotion of regular funding and training opportunities for the Academic Staff. The above opportunities in the college has enable the Academic staff to identify when there is need for information, identify, locate the needed information and effectively use the needed information to solve any problem at hand as regards Learning and Teaching Processes, Curriculum Development and various Information Services Delivering in the College so as to be able to meet the Vision and Mission Statements of the College. The study also examines the various ways by which the Academic Staff of the College meet up with Learning and Teaching Processes using Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Informant Literacy. It also examines the Challenges militating against using Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Information Literacy among the Academic Staff in the College.

Keywords: Library, Information Literacy and Academic staff


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