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Technological determinism: New media applications and adaptations within traditional media in Ghana

Caroline Aboagye Da-Costa
Fausta Kilian Ganaa
Ephraim Nana Apeakoran


Globally, the emergence of digital media was anticipated to pose enormous threat to traditional media‟s existence and survival. This was due to the ease of entry of gatekeepers. However, to ensure their continued relevance and survival, traditional media harnessed the potential of digital media by converging their services into a hybrid system. By using qualitative design, this study analyses the strategic brand positioning of selected traditional media in Ghana. Findings show that the hybrid system has increased their audience base, increased their news dissemination and improved their audience-credibility rating. It concludes by calling for a malleable approach to media management.

Key Words: Hybrid, Media, System; Media; Technological, Determinism; Traditional, media.

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