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The potentials of ICT application to increased relevance and sustainability of University Library Services in Nigeria

Stella NI Anasi


This paper examined the capabilities of ICT application in University Library services in Nigeria. Two complementary methods were used for collecting data: direct observation of ICT application in Kenneth Dike library, University of Ibadan and University of Lagos Libraries and library search of recent literature on ICT application and marketing of ICT based services in Nigerian University libraries. It revealed that a few university libraries have reached appreciable level in ICT application but most libraries in Nigeria are still at the lowest level of ICT application. It stressed the need for marketing of ICT enhanced-services. The paper suggested that university libraries should provide access to electronic information resources such as copyrighted e-books and e-journals, site-licensed databases and websites that are too expensive for people to subscribe to individually by forming themselves into a consortium. Access to such rich electronic information resources should be provided to library users for fee. Finally, it recommended that fiscal and institutional commitment should be demonstrated by National Universities Commission (NUC) and all other stakeholders to speed up the execution of all ICT projects in university libraries.

The Information Technologist Vol. 2(2) 2005: 56-70
AJOL African Journals Online