Information And Communications Technology (ICT) As An Access Equalizer Of Information: Opportunities And Challenges For Nigeria’s Persons With Visual Impairment

  • N Adetoro
Keywords: ICT opportunities, information access, visual impairment, Nigeria.


Information and communication Technology (ICT) is critical to achieving access to information for persons with visual impairment (PVI) in Nigeria. The opportunities thereof are profound. However, the challenges are manifold but can be overcomed. This is the thrust of this paper, given the socioeconomic
facts about PVI in Nigeria. A diagnosis of the ICT opportunities, in terms of the tools and devices available for PVI and examples of specialized services from around the globe were put forward. The paper further highlighted some new technologies particularly with regards to webaccessibility for the visually impaired (VI). It espouses the challenges of ICT adoption and use by PVI
in Nigeria and concludes with the description of the way forward for ICT assimilation and usage as a means of providing access to information for the VI in Nigeria.

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eISSN: 1597-4316