Cybercafés Use By The Research Scientists In Agricultural Research Institutes In Ibadan, Nigeria

  • OO Fagbami
  • BA Akintola
  • OJ Pelemo
Keywords: Cybercafe, Scientists, Research, Internet, ICT


This study examined the use of internet by the research scientists in Agricultural research institutes in Ibadan. A descriptive survey design was adapted for the study. A purposeful sampling technique was also used to select the sample and the method produced 180 Research Scientists. A total of 162 cases were finally analysed which represented 90% of the total sample. Data was collected using a well structured questionnaire designed by researchers. Findings from the study shows a high level of awareness of the importance of Internet service as a resource for research information and other purposes and as such cybercafe is considered as a useful outfit in these Research Institutes. The study also revealed that Research Scientists have resorted to utilizing the cybercafe located outside their
respective Institute due to: inadequate facilities intheir offices and  incessant power outage; in order to continue their research work after office hours. Finally, the study suggested that in order to improve the effective use of Internet Reasources, there must be reqular power supply as budgetary allocations to the Research Institutes can no longer sustain continous dependency on alternative power supply. The study also suggested that the Research Scientists should be assisted in procuring ICT equipment and that effort should be geared towards the provision of enhanced broadbandwith to the National Research Institutions system in order to reduce hardship being experienced by research Scientists in meeting their research information needs.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2805-3478
print ISSN: 1597-4316