Funding of public libraries in Nigeria: a case study of Imo state library board Owerri, Nigeria

  • N Azubogu
  • C Obichere
  • E Anyanwu
Keywords: Public Library, Funding, Government, Imo State.


This study surveyed the funding of public libraries in Nigeria with Imo State Library Board, Owerri as the case study. The research design adopted was the survey method using questionnaire and interview for data collection. The population of the study consisted of 5 senior administrative officers who are in a position to answer to issues on the funding of public libraries. The five questionnaires that were administered were returned representing 100% return rate. In the study, government was identified as the major provider of funds for the public library. The result also showed that the source(s) of funds are not adequate. The paper indentified factors affecting funding of public libraries which include: inadequate management of funds released; insensitivity on the part of government; lack of public-private partnership; and appointment of non-librarians as board members. Finally, the paper made recommendations on how to alleviate the problems of funding namely, good management of fund; strengthening alternative sources of funding like bookshop, printing, publishing, information brokerage and collaboration with the private sector. The paper also emphasized that with adequate funding of public libraries, effective library services will be achieved.

Key words: Public Library, Funding, Government, Imo State.


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eISSN: 1597-4316