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Marketing of Information Resources in Selected Public Libraries in Lagos State: A Competitive Intelligence Approach

EA Adekanye


This paper presented the results of a stu dy which examined the use of marketing techniques in public libraries , and the e xtent to which competitive strategies could be employed in marketing information products and services in the those libraries in order to serve its users better than its competitors. This research is a case study of Lagos State Library Board and Lagos State Local Government Libraries. Descriptive survey method was adopted and questionnaire was the instrument used for data gathering. It was discovered that the most preferred mar keting procedure for the libraries under stud y was photocopying services. However, lack of fund, inadequate manpower, and low capacity building as well as government negative influence were all indicated as factors militating against marketing of public library services in the society.

Key Words: Public, libraries, information, resources, marketing, services, competitiveness, intelligence.