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Towards Implementing Library 2.0 Model in Nigerian University Libraries

PA Tiemo, N Edewor


This paper describes Library 2.0. It presents the key features of library 2.0, such as user centered, multi-media experience, socially rich and communally innovative. Library 2.0 technologies and applications include blogs and wikis, instant messaging (IM), podcasts, social networking, streaming media, tagging, bookmarking and rich site summary (RSS) feeds. This paper discusses important principles and powerful potentials, inherent in Library 2.0. It presents critical challenges associated with the implementation of Library 2.0 in Nigerian University libraries. Recommendations were therefore proffered to include; the partnership of NLA and NUC towards inculcating library 2.0 principles in Library and Information Science School curricula, amongst others.

Key Words: Model, Library, University, Nigerian
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