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Extent of implementation of Collection Development Policies (CDP) in Nigerian University libraries in the Niger Delta Area, Nigeria

J Chukwusa


The study was on the extent of implementation of collection development policies by public University libraries in the Niger Delta Area, Nigeria. Descriptive survey design was employed. Population for the study consisted of all the 16 Colle ction Development Librarians in the Area
studied. No sample was used because the population was small. The questionnaire was the instrument for data collection. A few of the questionnaire were mailed to the respondents while some were
administered physical ly by the researcher. All the questionnaire were retrieved and found useable. Data analysis was done using simple percentage and chi -square. Result of the analysis revealed that: the university libraries studied ha ve collection development policies but mos t unwritten, there is a relationship between types of collection development policies and extent of implementation of the policies in university libraries. Recommendations were also made.

Key Words: Collection development, policy, implementation, Unive rsity, Libraries, Nigeria , Niger, Delta.

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