Effects of constraints to acquisition of information resources in academic libraries in Southwest Nigeria: A study of UNILAG and KDL main libraries

  • OO Christopher
Keywords: Effects, Constraints, Acquisition, Information, Resources, Library, Academic, Nigeria


The study was on the Effects of Constraints to Acquisition of Information Resources in Academic Libraries in Southwest Nigeria: a study of UNILAG and KDL main libraries. Library acquisition is defined as the department of a library responsible for the selection and pur chase of materials or resources for the library. Survey research design was used for the study, P opulation of the study was 40 respondents, out of which 22 was retrieved, Sample size hence was 22 respondents, Method of data analysis was by table formulatio n and explanation of table based on data retrieved, B eneficiaries of the study are Academic libraries, they stand to benefit from the study as it identifies acquisition problems and proffers solution, study also mentioned factors needed in formulating an a cquisition policy for libraries that wants to have one, and of the importance of the policy which is guidance on what is or is not to be purchased by the library. The study showed that gift and purchase are the best means of resource acquisition in the lib raries (54.5%). Lack of funds remains the major acquisition
problem in the studied libraries (54.5%). The acquisition librarian is responsible for the selection of information resources for acquisition in the studied libraries (77.3%). Studied libraries co mply with the acquisition policy used in their libraries (90.9%). There is a possible solution to acquisition problems in libraries (72.7%); adequate funding (18.2%) remains the best solution to these problems.

Key Words: Effects, Constraints, Acquisition, Information, Resources, Library, Academic, Nigeria.


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