ICT re-engineered information services, the role of libraries, Librarians and Information Scientists

  • S Chukwu
  • N Emerole
  • F Egwim
Keywords: ICT, Information, Services, Libraries, Librarians.


This paper examined the services of the library which Information and Communication Technology
has changed. It look ed at the roles the libraries should play in this direction, how it should embrace
the application of ICTs in lib rary routine work and other services of the library to help in solving
many problems including the acute space in some libraries. It also talked about the role of librarians
and information scientists, how they should organize useful course, seminars and c onferences so that
the library professionals may increase their knowledge and efficiency in the application of ICT in
their work. Because in recent years, work for the library profession has become characterized by fastpaced
change and new skills requirem ents. This transformation has brought about the constant
emergence of relevant new technologies.
Key Words: ICT, Information, Services, Libraries, Librarians.

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eISSN: 1597-4316