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Rethinking Gender Equity, Democratic Governance and Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria

TO Kolawole, MB Abubakar, E Owonibi, H Zaggi


This paper examine the possibility of attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) without gender equity in Nigeria as a society bearing in mind that most of the MDGs are women centered or put differently, they affects mostly the women than the men counterparts. The paper concluded that women are badly treated in Nigeria, it then become extremely difficult to attain the MDGs without putting a total end to undue evil treatment of women in Nigeria. It must be emphasized that while it is important to meet short-term practical of needs of women (a process and usually time consuming and epileptics), it is only when significant proportion of women hold public offices and are given opportunities to initiate, mould and execute public policy and legislation, can they begin to effectively address the other problems faced by women.

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