Alcohol Consumption, Peer Influence and Secondary School Students’ Attitudes towards School in Katsit, Kaduna State, Nigeria

  • BT Anyio
Keywords: Alcohol consumption, peer influence, students attitudes and Secondary School, students.


This study investigated the influences of Acohol Consumption peer influence and secodnary school stuents attitudes towards schol in some selected secodnary shools in Katsit, Kafanchan, Kaduna State. The study adopted a correlational research design and the population of this study was 200 senior students from four (4) secodnary school out of 18 Government Secondary Schols in Katsit, Kafanchan. The students were selected using simple random sampling technique. Spearman’s Rank Order Correlation was used to test thethre Hpotheses.the instrument used for Data Collection was Rutgers Alcohol Problem Index (RAPI), Feeling bout Schol Instrument (FASI) and Peer Prssure Inventory (PPI). The findings reveals that there is no signifcant relationship between peer group infleucne and students attitudes towards school (P=.178=.100) and there was a positive signifcant relationship between Alcohol Consumption and students attitudes towards schol (P=.001; rho=.339). Based on there findings, it was recommend that parents, school administratrs, ministry of education who are parters and stakehoders in the education of children mostly adolescents schol be invovled more in the affairs of the schools.

Keywords: Alcohol consumption, peer influence, students attitudes and Secondary School, students.


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