Paternal Influences and Adolescents’ Sexual Risky Behaviours

  • D Oladeji
Keywords: Paternal factors, Adolescents, Sexuality, Risky Behaviour


The study established the influence of paternal roles on adolescents’ sexual risky behaviour. A total of two hundred (200) married men drawn from Ibadan metropolis constituted the sample for the study. Their ages ranged from 30 years to 49 years with a mean age of 36.5 years and standard deviation of 8.21. The two instruments used were author-constructed interview guide inventories with 0.62 and 0.67 reliability coefficient respectively. The data obtained were analyzed using multiple regression, correlation and chi-square statistics. The results obtained from the study indicated that, a combination of the six independent variables significantly predicted the dependent variable F=(7,192) =21.193; R= .786, R2= .617, Adj. R2= .586; P<.05). The result also indicated that, significant relationship existed between Parent adolescent communication (B= .209, p <.05), Family adaptability (B= .199, p <. 05), Parent adolescent disclosure (B =.196, P <.05), Positive adolescent behaviour (B = 184, p<.05), Parent adolescent relationship (B =175, p<.05), Fathers’ absence & economic support (B =161, p<.05), Parental autonomy (B = 152, p<. 05) and adolescents’ sexual risky behaviour. The results further showed the significant position between Parents adolescent disclosure (X2 cal = 32.856) is the most potent factor followed Parental autonomy (X2 cal = 24.642); Parent adolescent relationship (X2 cal = 18.986); Positive adolescent behaviour (X2 cal = 11.626); Fathers’ absence & economic support (X2 cal = 5.969); Family adaptability (X2 cal = 4.811) and Parent adolescent communication (X2 cal = 1.268) and adolescents ’sexual risky behaviour. Based on the results of these findings, it was recommended that those in the helping professions should assist parents to acquire knowledge about health education and health services access in their local community. Have resources and referral information available for fathers and families in the areas of adolescents’ sexuality. Advocate for policies that protect the confidentiality of youths seeking health care services and work with youths and families to facilitate communication about responsible sexuality.

Keywords: Paternal factors, Adolescents, Sexuality, Risky Behaviour


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