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Organizational justice and self-esteem as predictors of organizational citizenship behaviour

Ojo Adeshina Akinwumi Edwin


Organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB) has received considerable attention in recent years. The present study sought to discern the relationship between organizational justice, self-esteem and organizational citizenship behaviour, (OCB), voluntary acts beyond the role specifications, self-esteem,educational background and gender among employees of the Nigerian breweries.The study was achored on the Leventhal's (1976a) justice judgement model .The study was a cross sectional research using expost-facto design. Instruments for this study includes, Perceived Organizational Justice(α = 0.79),Self-esteem (α =0.80), , and organizational citizenship behaviour(α = 0.67).The findings of the study revealed that there is a positive relationship between organizational justice and organixzationa citizenship behaviour(r = .32, p<.01),with employees high on organizational justice significantly reporting more OCB (t (241) = -3.99, p<.05) than low on organizational justice also, there was no significant difference between employees with high and low self-esteem on OCB (t (241) = -1.12, p>.05) while self-esteem and organizational justice have joint influence on OCB (R2 = 0.10, F (2,240) = 13.64, p<.05) and gender, age, ethnicity, marital status, work status, years in current job and years planning stay on the job did not have joint influence on OCB (R2 = 0.05, F (8,234) = 1.55, p>.05. The result revealed that there was significant positive relationship between organizational justice and organizational citizenship behaviour. Increasing organizational justice should be effective in increasing OCB. In fact, practices aim at boosting self-efficacy may even bring substantial costs. Self-esteem need to be addressed from the very first time of employees in organization.

Keywords: Organizational Justice, Self-esteem, and Organizational citizenship behaviour.

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