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Patterns of MMPI-2 code types in a psychitric hospital in Nigeria

Aroyewun B. Afolabi, Adeyemo S. Oladotun, Oyeyemi E. Tolulope, Ezemokwe O. Chinedu


The utility of MMPI-2 in mental health setting cannot be overemphasized. As it helps in making valid and reliable information about an individual; it also enhances management of personality disorders. However, there is no recorded study of the commonest code types of MMPI-2 as found in psychiatric patients in Nigeria. This study was therefore to provide a reference point on the construct. This study was carried out as a retrospective cross-sectional study from 2008-2014 at the Clinical Psychology Unit of the Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital, Benin-City with 409 patients who completed and had valid and analyzable Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2). It was found out that male patients in the age range of 26-35 and MMPI-2 code type of 68/86 appear more in a psychiatric hospital in Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital, Benin, Edo State. Corroborative diagnosis is always a plus in mental health circles because it gives a sound and valid information about the patients which helps in the multidisciplinary approach to patients’ treatment.

Keywords: MMPI-2, Patterns, Code types, psychiatric hospitals, Nigeria.

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