Effect Of School Climate On Social Intelligence

  • Sacharita Gadre


Project aims to study social intelligence of the gifted and average students in different school environments varying on the dimension of enrichment. Two enriched environment and two non-enriched environment schools were selected from fifteen different schools that were studied for existing school environment. General Intelligence tests were used for selecting gifted and average students. Top 5% students were selected as gifted where as middle 50% were selected as average. The performance of these students on social intelligence tests was compared to identify the differences on two interacting dimensions. Intellectual potential and school climate. This comparison showed that enriched school environment was advantageous for the development of social intelligence among average students. In case of gifted students observed mean differences were insignificant. However, frequency analysis using chi-squire revealed that synergistic interaction between high genetic potential and enriched school environment results in the formation of small intra group clusters. Replication of the study in other places both inside and outside the country may be useful in identifying the sub cultural influences.

Ife PsychologIA Vol.12(1) 2004: 103-111