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Sex and Age Trend of Field-Independent/Dependent among Secondary School Student in Sokoto State



This study aimed at finding out the sex and age trend of field-independent/dependent secondary school students in Sokoto State. It was assumed that as one increases in age his/her field-independence also increases. Males at all ages were assumed to be more field-independent than females. A sample of 200 secondary school students participated in the study, which was made up of 50 JSS I males, 50 JSS I females, 50 SSS I females. Group Embedded Figures Test was administered to these students.

The analysis of the data has shown a progressive increase in field-independence with increasing age. It was also found that both at JSS and SSS levels, males were more field-independent than females. It was recommended among other things that teachers should take into consideration; the perceptual and disembodying differences among students (sex-wise) while teaching.

IFE PsychologIA Vol 9, No1 2001, pp. 105-114
AJOL African Journals Online