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Workplace Counselling: Implications For Enhanced Productivity

CO Ajila, HO Adetayo


Workplace counselingis the provision of brief psychological therapy for employees of organizations. Counselling service in most organizations in Nigeria has not received adequate attention. The reason for this is not unconnected with the low level of acceptance of counseling service generally in the country. This paper lucidity attempts a conceptual review of counseling, the difference between counseling and psychotherapy and a review of the five major systems or schools that have exerted the greatest influence on current thinking regarding counseling. It further presents a model of workplace counseling and concludes that increase in work related trauma and stress, accidents at the workplace, harassment and bullying, absenteeism, low productivity/poor performance and labour turnover will be nipped in the bud if counseling service is provided at the workplace.

Keywords: workplace counseling, psychotherapy, enhanced Productivity

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