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Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities to Reference and Information Service (RIS) provision in university libraries in North West Zone of Nigeria

Umar G. Gama


The paper examines types of RIS provided in university libraries in North Western zone of Nigeria. The research was based on three objectives i.e. to find out the types RIS provided, various kinds of ICT facilities used in the provision of the services and the challenges facing effective service delivery with the ICTs. Nine universities located in the geopolitical zone were surveyed through their reference librarians. Questionnaire was the only instrument used to collect data, which were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The findings revealed that all the libraries studied provide RIS that could be termed as core. They apply variety of ICT facilities such as photocopiers, projectors, Internet and CD-ROM to provide various kinds of RIS. Irregular Power supply and inadequate ICT facilities were the major constraints to effective RIS delivery using ICT facilities.

Keywords: Reference and Information Services, ICT facilities, University Libraries, North Western Zone, Nigeria