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Users’ perception of library use malpractices: case study of University of Calabar Library, Nigeria

Obia Gopeh Inyang


This study investigated library users perception of library use malpractices in academic libraries; using University of Calabar as a case study. Simple random sampling technique was use to draw a sample of 500 users from a population of 1804 registered users of the library. Questionnaire was use for data collection. The study revealed that users are aware of deviant behaviours which management’s effort to curb did not yield fruits in the past. Study also reveal how frustrating how users felt at the observance of these deviancies. In their opinion, they wish that punishments on different acts of deviance be specified, encouraged continuous teaching of use of library with emphasis on rules and regulations as well as motivate staff to boost their level of vigilance. Study recommended adherence to user’s opinion and an addition of counseling to users-orientation programmes which should be continuous till users graduate.

Keywords: Library users, Deviant behaviours, Academic Libraries, Delinquency, Users Opinion