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Information Literacy Skills and Library Use by JSS 111 Students in Sagamu Local Government, Ogun State, Nigeria

Morolayo Ladele
Ezinwanyi Madukoma
Gabriel Alegbeleye


The library is an important infrastructure for enhancing leaning,teaching and research; as the hub of all academic activities,the library is dedicated to inspiring cognitive brilliance.The study investigated information literacy skills,and, library use by JSS III Students in Sagamu Local Government area, Ogun State, Nigeria. The study adopted the survey research design with a population consisting of 4283 Junior Secondary School Students (JssIII) in 11 private secondary schools in Sagamu local Government area in Ogun State. Sample size was 354copies of questionnaire and data collected were analyzed using descriptive and inferential (Multiple regression) statistics .The study concluded that information literacy skills is a good predictor of library use as it is important to have the necessary skills to be able to identify and locate relevant information sources and use them to satisfy one's information needs.