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Implementation of information technology in academic libraries in Nigeria: Benefits, challenges and solutions

Amadi Uchechukwuka


Information technology has undergone tremendous advancement in recent decades. The power brought forward by the developments in information technology (IT) has seen its adoption across all sectors of the economy, with its implementation resulting in unprecedented efficiency. In Nigeria, implementing IT, especially in the education sector, remains one of the library’s objectives to enhance human capacity through access to digitized information. Academic libraries’, being at the forefront of providing information, implementing IT are inevitable and enhances service delivery. However, the implementation of information technology in Nigerian academic libraries has been characterized by numerous challenges affecting their capacity to efficiently deliver services to their users. The established processes for implementing information technology in these institutions include inadequate funds to purchase and maintain IT equipment, power interruptions, low computer literacy among librarians, and poor internet connectivity. Fortunately, adequate staff training and exploring alternative energy sources include some appropriate solutions to the identified challenges.

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