Increasing Trends in the Consumption of Fast-Foods in Nigeria

  • P E Konwea


Fast-food eating is a dietary pattern that used to be foreign but has gradually become a part of the lifestyle of people in Nigeria especially those in urban areas. Judging from the uncontrollable rate and manner at which fast food restaurants are opening almost everyday in every nook and cranny of the country, the consumption of these foods may continue to increase. An examination of the factors involved in weight gain and obesity in the developed countries is crucial for prediction about the future of countries in early stages of frequently dramatic socio-economic changes like Nigeria. This paper therefore examined the increase in the trend of consumption of fast food, the factors that lead to the increase and the effect it could have on the people. While calling for health education intervention on educating thepeople on how to reduce the amount of fat in the foods they consumed so that the nation would not have to start battling with health problems relating to diet like it is happening in some advanced countries.

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