The Place of Igbo Folk Songs in Peace Building and Sustainable Rural Development

  • NH Okpala
Keywords: Igbo Culture, Folk Music, Peace, Development, Ceremonies


Music is an art that is generally practiced and most available of all the arts. In most Nigerian cultures  especially in Igbo culture, musical activities are organized to meet the demands of the people in all situations of life be it good or bad. It cuts across all stages of the developmental processes of man, from childhood to old age. At each stage, music plays some significant roles in the lives of the people. Music is part and parcel of Igbo culture. Igbo society provides avenues like ceremonies, festivals, and burials to mention but a few through which music are expressed. This paper among other things tries to examine the impact of folk music In Igbo culture, the place of music in the promotion of sustainable rural development. Selected Igbo folk songs with subject matters geared towards maintenance of peace in Igbo societies were also analyzed.

Key words: Igbo Culture, Folk Music, Peace, Development, Ceremonies


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