Challenges of Nigeria’s foreign policy

  • Chuka Enuka
  • Emmanuel C. Ojukwu


Nigeria’s foreign policy like those of every other elsewhere, is hoped to achieve for the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians, the aspired goals and articulated interests of the Nigerian state. This expectation, by the judgment of many informed Nigerians, is yet to be fully realized. Nigeria’s foreign policy inter alia, has failed to work out the transformation of Nigeria’s status and Nigerians’ lives from where it is, to where it should be. What possibly could answer for this foreign policy failure? In response to the puzzle, this paper excurses into the mixed and myriad challenges that have vexed Nigeria’s foreign policy from the formative years of her foreign policy formulation and implementation to the present. The finding is that the persistence of these challenges due to neglect, bad and irresponsible leadership is debilitating to Nigeria’s foreign policy output and has made foreign policy performance leave much to be desired. The paper concludes with a number of recommended suggestions as a panacea to the identified teething challenges.


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