Dysfunctional Consequences of Conflict on Teachers’ Productivity: A Theoretical Insight

  • N. Chinyere Alimba


Conflicts have become more prevalent in the educational system than any other social organisation on earth. Despite this, conflicts occurring in schools are the least discussed events in social conflict discourses, making this research necessary for a better understanding of the behaviour of violent conflict in the educational system. The point is that when conflict is misperceived and mismanaged, it will exert unimaginable force which will produce adverse effect on students, teaching and non-teaching staff, the system and the society in general. However, conflict outcomes depend on the nature, ferocity of conflict, and approaches adopted for mitigation. Thus, this study described the dysfunctional consequences of conflict on teachers’ productivity. To achieve the objectives of the study, discussions were woven around six thematic areas which include: the conceptualization of conflict, the issue of teachers’ productivity, the factors influencing teachers’ productivity, the dynamics of dysfunctional conflict, exploration of the effects of violent conflict on education and finally, the issues of dysfunctional conflict and teachers’ productivity.