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A Legacy of Peaceful Coexistence: Historico-Political and Economic Perspectives of Nigeria-Benin Relations

Shuaibu Shittu Isyaku


Long before colonization of Africa, there were extensive contacts and mutual interactions between various African peoples and societies. Colonialism and colonial domination in such societies affected their interactions due to the creation of international borders and boundaries by colonial powers. Thus, heterogeneous and homogenous societies and communities were forcibly divided into various European countries’ spheres of influence. The people at this period had many things in common and were linked together by internal trade route, geographical influence and thus simply lived in peace with one another. This paper examined the relations between Nigeria and Benin Republic in various aspects of life before and after colonialism. The paper discovered that historical, cultural and economic relations between the two countries predate colonialism and this is due to the belief by the people that they are one and belong to same ancestor. The paper put forward some recommendations as a means of enhancing the age long relationship between the two countries, which include establishment of joint institutions in the area of education, health, economic and culture to sustain not only the relationship but also to preserve the rich culture of the people.