The use of history and culture in the development of tourism in Nigeria

  • Stanley I. Okoroafor
Keywords: history, cultural tourism, diversified economy


Nigeria has expressed the willingness to change from the mono-resource economy borne by petroleum. There has been the realistic desire to develop and utilize the tourism industry in diversifying the economy as the fortune from the oil and gas sector dwindles by the day. An evaluation of this feeling shows that cultural tourism above other aspects of the industry is one that Nigeria is better positioned to do well in, judging from what rich traditions and cultural heritage can be seen through the nation’s past historical experience. This paper depicted the huge potentials laden in Nigeria’s cultural tourism advocates proper appropriation of such and involvement of all for optional utilisation of the resources therein. In the same vein, it exposed and decried the notable societal ills such as insecurity in the country bedevilling the efforts being made in this respect and proffered suggestions on how to improve on the extant provisions bring forth new ones and gainfully support the development of the industry.

Keywords: history, cultural tourism, diversified economy


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