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Rationality and Normativity: A Defence of the Metaphysical Foundation of Social and Ethical Values

Edward Uzoma Ezedike, ThankGod Bekweri Amadi


This paper evaluated the role of metaphysics as the critical determinant of both ethical and social values. It is concerned with the philosophical problem of determining the principle underlying the different value opinions, social interactions, perceptions and judgements. The objective of the paper derives from the main concern of modern theory of value which is to find out the nature and significance of value in society. Consequently, the problem of the relations between value and existence; and value and social realities become of great significance on metaphysical grounds. The method of the study is essentially textual analysis. As a branch of philosophy, metaphysics conducts the most general investigation possible into the nature of reality, what is existence (being), and what (fundamentally distinct) types of thing exist. Some people have the idea that the subject matter of metaphysics is pure speculation with little practical relevance to mankind and society. Against this backdrop, this paper sought to establish the importance of metaphysics in the broader spectrum of human existence. In conclusion, the thesis of this paper is that metaphysics can provide a foundation for ethical and social values and that without metaphysics no rational justification may be given to these values.

Key words: Metaphysics, ethics, values, society, person

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