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The Various Levels of Musical Activities of The Igbo Children in Igbo Culture of Nigeria

Dan C.C. Agu, Mabel Ugochi Okpara


The life of the Igbo children of Eastern Nigeria is surrounded by music and musical activities. The aim of this research is to survey the various levels of involvement of the Igbo children (from childhood to adolescence), in music learning and performance. The socio-cultural activities and similar occasions, on which these children’s music and musical activities rotate, were investigated. Some of the children’s music genres focus on entertainment, ordinary games, labour execution, character formation, learning (education) and so on. The benefits derived from performance of these genres are very rewarding. They range from making the children socially fit, to making them culturally, mentally and physically sound. The methods of imparting all musical knowledge vary according to age and music type. This research attempts the classification of these methods and brings to bare, their approaches and effectiveness as regards competence and excellence.

Key words: Education, Igbo culture, Igbo children, Musical development, Organization, Creativity, Performance

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