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Preliminary Observations on the Nutritive Value of Toad Meal in Broiler Starter Diets

B.O. Esonu


A 21-day feeding trial was conducted to determine the nutritive value of toad meal as protein supplement in broiler starter diets. Live toads were harvested from different ponds, knocked unconscious with a metal rod, eviscerated to remove the offals and later smoke-dried at a temperature of 40 ºC for 3 days. They were crushed and milled to produce toad meal (TM). Toad meal contained 59.06% crude protein, 10.50% either extract, 12.7% total ash, 5.61% crude fibre and 5.24 kcal/g GE. Three broiler starter diets were formulated such that they contained toad meal (TM) at 0%, 5% and 10% respectively. Three hundred, 14-day old Hubbard broiler chicks were divided into three groups of hundred birds each and randomly assigned to the three treatment diets in a completely randomized design (CRD). Each treatment was replicated four times, giving 25 birds per replicate. Data were collected on feed intake, body weight gain, fed conversion ratio and internal organ analysis. There was no significant (P<0.05) difference in feed intake among the groups, but body weight gain became significantly (P<0.05) higher at 10% toad meal (TM) dietary level. There was significant difference (P<0.05) in feed conversion ratio (FCR) among the groups. Birds on 10% dietary level recorded the best FCR of 2.66. The internal organs of the birds of three groups were not affected (P>0.05) by the treatment. Cost-benefit analysis showed that incorporation of toad meal (TM) at 5% and 10% dietary levels reduced feed cost per kg and this reflected in the cost of producing one kg of meat. Feed cost savings were 4.37% and 8.13% for 5% and 10% dietary levels respectively. The results of this study suggest that toad meal (TM) could be incorporated in young broiler chick diets up to 10% level with improved results. No evidence of any toxicity or poisoning was observed but the effect on prolonged feeding needs to be evaluated.

Key words: Toad meal (TM), protein supplement, broilers.

[IJARD Vol.3 2002: 87-91]

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eISSN: 1595-9716