Papers submitted to the Journal must be results of original research carried out by the author(s). Review articles may be accepted for publication if they highlight solutions to existing problems using the body of knowledge available. The official language of the Journal is English. Papers in other languages must be translated into English. Articles must be typed on A4 paper, double-spaced and with at least 3 cm margins on the top and bottom, while the left and right margins would be 4 cm each. Full length papers including tables and figures should not normally exceed 15 pages. The organization of the papers should follow these sub-heads: Title, Abstract (of not more than 200 words), Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, acknowledgement (if any), and References. The first page should have the title, author(s) names and addresses only. The second page should have the title, followed by the abstract and so on. A running title of not more than five words should be provided for each chapter Tables and figures must be submitted on separate sheets and clearly identified. Figures should be original copies and ready for filming. Poor figures would be rejected and this would delay publication of affected articles. Author(s) should use figures and tables only when necessary. References: References should be presented using the guidelines below: Journal articles: Should generally follow the APA style. For single authored articles: James, U.K. (1998). A selective index for measuring early maturing rates in West African Dwarf goats. Int. J. Agric. R. Dev. 1:12-17. For multiple authors, write the last names of the authors, followed by the initials. Separate the authors' names with commas until the last name. Add the year of publication in parentheses, followed by the title of the paper as in single-authored papers. Henry, U.O., Brady, H.K. & Gladden, H.Y. (1993). Farming Systems Research methods in a developing economy. J. Agric. Method. 23:1-11. Book Chapters and Conference Proceedings: Carter, G.B. (1995). Production Parameters in female-headed households in Imo State. In Humid Tropical Africa, Gwadia, H.K. and Edaba, U.G. (eds.), London, UK: John Wiley & Sons, pp.234-242. References within the paper must have author(s) names followed by the year of publication in parentheses. Short Communications: Papers carrying vital information for the readership but do not contain enough material to be considered as full length papers may be published in the Journal as Short Communications. These papers should have a summary and provide details on the work done and results achieved. Submission of Papers: Contributors to the Journal should submit three hard copies of each paper to be considered for publication. Submissions must be accompanied by a handling charge of N 500.00 or its equivalent in US$. Papers sent without the handling charge may not be processed. Papers considered publishable would be subject to payment of page charges of N 3000 - N 3500 (US$30-35) depending on the length of the paper. All manuscripts should be sent to: The Editor-in-Chief, IJARD Dept. of Agricultural Economics & Extension School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology Federal University of Technology Owerri Nigeria

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