International Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

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Potentials in Financing Heliculture under the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme in Imo and Rivers\' States of Nigeria: A Comparative Analysis.

N N Oguoma, D O Ohajianya


This study assessed the relative potentials in financing snail farming (Heliculture) under the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme in Imo and Rivers' States of Nigeria. It derived from the need for measures to bridge the reported shortfall in protein supply and consumption from animal sources within the populace. It specifically sought to ascertain whether farmers face similar potentials and constraints in these two States, establish their performance and relative efficiency in resource use. Results showed that beneficiaries in the two States face similar potentials and constraints, although those in Rivers' State are more efficient in resource use. It was recommended, among others, that underutilized resources in both areas such as loan capital, labour and stock of snails should be increased by 99.7%, 14.42% and 17.01% respectively in Imo state while, in Rivers' State, they should be increased by 99.8%, 27.88% and23.45% respectively in order to attain allocative efficiency in resource use in each area. Floor space, which is being over-utilized in both states, should be reduced by 23.60% in Imo State and by 20.04% in Rivers' State in order to realize the full potentials in financing Heliculture in these areas.

Keywords: Potentials; Financing Heliculture; Agricultural Credit; Guarantee Scheme; Imo State; Rivers' State; Nigeria.

International Journal of Agriculture and Development Vol. 9 2007: pp. 48-54
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