Effect of Multipurpose Tree Species on Soil Fauna and Weed Diversity in a Typic Paleudult

  • AE Ibe
  • BA Onuegbu
  • VA Onwuliri
  • MA Ibe
Keywords: Multipurpose, woody tree species, weed diversity, soil fauna.


The effect of multipurpose tree species on soil fauna and weed diversity in a typic paleudult soil were investigated. The woody species used were Baphia nitida, Alchornia cordifolia, Gliricidia sepium, Dactyladenia barterii and Leucaenia leucocephala, using natural fallow as the control. The results showed significant differences in weed diversity in the following descending order: natural fallow < Gliricidia sepium / Leucaenia leucocephala < Alchornia cordifolia < Baphia nitida / Dactyladenia barterii. Effects of the tree species on litter composition and soil organic matter were of the order: Baphia nitida / Dactyladenia barterii < Gliricidia sepium / Leucaenia leucocephala / Alchornia cordifolia < Natural fallow. Soil organic matter followed a similar trend. However, the diversity of soil neunatodes was of the order: Baphia nitida / Alchornia cordifolia / Gliricidia sepium / Dactyladenia barterii / Leucaenia leucocephala < natural fallow. Similarly, soil fauna increased more in the multipurpose woody species than in natural fallow. Recommendations based on the high weed suppressing ability, good litter formation and low soil nematode diversity were address.