Gastrodiscoides hominis Infestation on Vegetables (Cabbages) Sold in Ekpoma Markets, Edo State, Southern Nigeria- A Case Report

  • L I Uzairue
  • C I Ugbor
  • G A Ezeah
  • N O Eze
  • I G Nwadike
Keywords: Gastrodiscoides hominis, Vegetables, Fruits, Parasite


In an experiment to determine the human parasites present in fruits and vegetables sold in markets within Ekpoma, in Esan west Local Government Area of Edo state, an ova of Gastrodiscoides hominis was observed. The study involved a total of two hundred and fifty (250) samples of seven different vegetables -cabbage, carrot, spinach, pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes, and waterleaf, and two fruits -pineapple and garden egg. Using the flotation and sedimentation techniques, trophoziotes, cysts, larvae, and ova of intestinal protozoa, cestodes and nematodes in the vegetables and fruits were recovered. Although 106 (42.4%) of the samples were positive for different species of parasites indicating a high prevalence of vegetable and fruit infestation, one interesting observation however, was the incidence of Gastrodiscoides hominis in cabbage (0.9%). Judging by the public health importance of Gastrodiscoides hominis, there is therefore, an urgent need for control measures especially in this area of study.

Keywords: Gastrodiscoides hominis, Vegetables, Fruits, Parasite.


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eISSN: 2384-681X
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