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Fruits intake and cardiovascular function in normotensive young adults: A 4 - Week Study

ENS Igbinovia, VC Osifo, HO Otamere, WA Adisa, CN Ekhator, E Imonah


This study assessed the effect of increase fruits intake on cardiovascular health as specified by blood pressure and pulse rate. It is a 4 week study involving 70 apparently healthy normotensive students, between the ages of 20–30 years. They were recruited from the Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma and grouped into 7 (A - G). While group A received no fruit for the period of the study, B – G received as follows; guava, carrot, orange, apple, banana and a combination of all five fruits respectively. Blood pressure and pulse rate were determined before and after the study to assess the level of cardiovascular health. The results showed that blood pressure and pulse rate remained normal throughout the study. However, blood pressure and pulse rate fell non- significantly (p >0.05) in the treatment groups than those of the controls and as well as the values before treatment. Comparatively, carrot had the most percentage impact on systolic pressure (6.0%) while Apple had the most impact on diastolic pressure (8.81%) and pulse rate (8.49%). Thus, fruits intervention in normotensive  subjects is recommendable and may even be more beneficial for hypertensive individuals considering its clinical  advantage.

Key words: Phyto-chemical, Fruits, Hypertension, Blood pressure, Pulse rate

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