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A comparative study on the rate of bone decalcification at varying temperatures, fluid type and fluid concentrations

JK Bankole, CCV Eloka, CJ Okoro, RA Anyanwa, M Uwigbe, D Osiagwu


This study evaluates the rate of bone decalcification at varying temperatures, decalcification fluid and fluid concentrations. A decalcification methodology was adopted using modern household microwave oven to accelerate the decalcification rate of rabbit compact bone sample. Bone biopsy was obtained from a rabbit limb and fixed immediately for 24hrs in 10% formalin. Traditional decalcification was carried out at room temperature (RT) with 5% Jenkins fluid (JK) and 5% Gooding and Stewart (GS) fluid as controls. Microwave oven decalcification with 5% JK and 7% JK, as well as 5% GS and 10% GS served as the tests at 300C, 400C and 500C in microwave oven. Results showed that at 300C, 5%-GS and 10%-GS as well as 5%-JK and 7%-JK presented a decalcifying time of 11hrs:30mins and 10hrs:30mins as well as 15hrs and 13hrs respectively. At 400C, a decalcifying time of 8hrs, 6hrs:30mins, 10hrs:30mins and 12hrs were recorded for the respective concentrations of decalcifying fluid. Also, at 500C, the decalcifying times were 6hrs, 5hrs, and 9hrs:30mins and 8hrs respectively. The observed differences between RT and microwave oven decalcification was significant while the rate between the two decalcifying fluid were not. Our findings further encourage the use of microwave oven for bone decalcification.

Key Words: Bone, Decalcification rate, fluid concentration, Temperature

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