Variations in Canthal index of the Isokos in Delta State

  • E Anibor
  • E Omokaro
  • F Ofere
Keywords: Canthal index, craniofacial indices, Gender, Isoko


The aim of this study was to determine the mean values of Inner Canthal Distances (ICD), Outer Canthal Distances (OCD) and Canthal Indices (CI) of Isoko males and females within the age range of 12-35 years. The multi-stage sampling technique was used. The subjects hailed from Isoko North and South Local Government Areas of Delta State, Nigeria. Parameters measured included the OCD, ICD and CI using the Digital Vernier Caliper. The data obtained from the study were subjected to statistical analysis using Microsoft Excel windows. Results showed that Isoko males and females had mean OCD of 106.17±3.73 and 107.13±2.98 respectively and mean ICD of 36.98±1.96 and 34.63±2.24 respectively, while the mean CI of Isoko males and females were 35.58±0.96 and 34.64±0.83 respectively. The result also showed that the CI of Isoko males increased with increasing age when compared with those of Isoko females. It is believed that genetics and environmental factors may be responsible for the variation in CI and other craniofacial indices between and within the populations. 

Keywords: Canthal index, craniofacial indices, Gender, Isoko


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