Pre and post craniotomy psychosis and seizure disorder in a Nigerian medical doctor treated for meningioma. A case report.

  • A. U. Nwaopara
  • A.O Nwaopara
  • E. Nwazor
  • M. Okoh
  • U. Ibeawuchi
Keywords: Seizure, Complex Partial Seizure, Craniotomy, Automatisms, Meningioma


This report highlights psychosis and seizures presenting at two distinct periods of time in the course of Meningioma, in a 43 year old Nigerian medical doctor and buttresses the fact that the risk for post operative seizures and other symptoms include a history of pre-operative seizures and the site of the tumor. The subject had a radiological Brain CT –Scan and Cranial MRI diagnosis of Temporo-parietal mass of Meningioma and based on clinical presentation of right sided weakness, 3 year history of deterioration of vision and brief awareness with altered behavior in the pre surgical period. He  had a Simpson 11 Excision craniotomy, at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria, in November 2015 but  represented at the Mental Health Department, Federal Medical Center, Yenagoa, in January, 2016, in the post surgical  period, with histories of abnormal behaviour, altered awareness of the environments with automatisms, visual  hallucinations and depressive features. He had been managed with Resperidone and Carbamazepine with good response  and without reoccurrence of pre-surgical features. Post operatively, his visual acuity has been restored and he has since resumed his duties as a medical practitioner, in the state medical service; suggesting an effective control with good outcome using medications.

Keywords: Seizure, Complex Partial Seizure, Craniotomy, Automatisms, Meningioma


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