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Human serum protein and C-reactive protein levels among HIV infected subjects in Uromi and its environs in Edo, Nigeria

M.C. Ugwu, G.R.A. Okogun, C.F. Okoye, K.L. Ekebor, C.J. Nwafia, A.E. Nnona, B.N. Obodo


Human serum protein and C-reactive protein levels were determined among HIV patients visiting St Camillus Hospital,  Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria, between January to March, 2013. Fifty (50) HIV patients (20 males; 30 females) and 50 control subjects (24 males; 26 females) were enrolled for this study. The clinical status of the patients was obtained from their  hospital records. Human serum protein and CRP levels were assayed spectrophotometrically, while CD4 count was done  using a flow cytometry. Results showed that serum total protein (10.442.32 g/dL), globulin (7.062.37 g/dL) and C- reactive protein (22.6412.45 mg/L) were significantly higher (p<0.05) in HIV patients than the controls. Albumin (ALB) levels (3.380.82 g/dL) and CD4 count of HIV patients (419.52338.43 cells/L) was significantly lower (p<0.05)  than the control subjects. It was concluded that increased serum total protein, globulin, C-reactive protein and low levels  of albumin and CD4 count, may be a valuable indices in the monitoring and management of HIV infections.

Keywords: C-reactive protein, CD4, Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin, HIV

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